Mengapa DLS 2019 Tidak Ada Di Playstore
Dream League Soccer

Here’s Why DLS 2019 Isn’t on the Play Store

Perhaps you are confused, why isn’t Dream League Soccer 2019 on the Google Playstore? But instead, there is an online version of DLS ~ Perhaps you veteran players are wondering, why isn’t Dream League Soccer 2019 on the Google PlayStore? But instead, the online version of DLS is available.

Actually, it’s still there, you can download it from the article about how to download DLS 2019.

But if we go directly to the link (in Playstore), there will be a note that the item is only available in some countries.

Item Not Available In Your Country
Item Not Available In Your Country

However, upon further investigation, it turns out that it’s not a matter of country, but rather the Android OS used.

I have tested on 5 different operating systems, and the results are as follows:

  1. Kitkat (Android 4) : Still available
  2. Lollipop (Android 5) : Not available
  3. Marshmallow (Android 6) : Not available
  4. Nougat (Android 7) : I haven’t tried it yet?
  5. Oreo (Android 8) : Not available
  6. Pie (Android 9) : Not available

But experiments aren’t always 100% accurate, the reality could be different.

Because we know, the specifications of each phone differ even if they use the same OS.

Who knows, maybe the DLS team filters not only based on the OS type but also on the specifications.

But that’s not a problem, because we can still download it as usual.

What we need to know is that the DLS team will no longer update DLS 2019 to the latest version.

Wait, why?

Why DLS Has Changed to Online

Almost all games now are online-based. Because besides providing substantial revenue, they also last longer (long term).

We know, multiplayer games provide their own fun. Because it’s not stuck on the same AI (computer) movements.

Playing against other humans means different passing tactics, strategies, and difficulty levels (depending on the person).

Beyond this variation, multiplayer games also create competition.

The desire to keep winning grows stronger, and the addiction level is different.

Yet we know, everyone wants to keep winning. If you lose, you play again until you win.

So, if everyone wants to win, then who loses??? 😂

That’s why, if you lose a game, don’t get angry and upset, learn to be gracious and accepting. 🙂

Back to the topic. Game developers definitely see so many opportunities if their game is based online.

This is what drove the DLS developers to create a new game version that must be played online.

While in DLS 2019 and earlier (full offline), they did not maximize revenue from the game.

In DLS20 and later, to finish matches, upgrade stadiums, and buy players, you must be online.

Of course, from a security standpoint, this is more secure. No more people cheating, which could harm them.

Because no one can cheat, purchases of items like diamonds and coins are also more popular.

Buy Coin And Diamond
Buy Coin And Diamond

This is actually a simple analogy that we could guess ourselves.

So What Should We Do?

We should not expect any updates for the full offline version of DLS 2019 in the future.

Because its fate will more or less be like FTS15, which is now just history and at most just modified into PES by some people.

It’s just gone, replaced by others.

There’s still hope though, if some modder turns the online DLS into full offline.

But that’s unlikely, because so far, I have never found a truly offline mod version of the latest DLS.

Most are just fake mods, DLS 2019 just changed to cover DLS newest, FTS15 changed to cover DLS newest, and so on.

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Ultimately, we must accept that for now, DLS has no competitors.

DLS still remains the best Android soccer game that has lasted a long time.

Even though there is a game like PES Mobile, in my opinion, it still can’t compare with DLS.

PES is still my go-to for PC version, but not for its Android version.

So whatever policy DLS makes, we must accept it with an open heart, although it’s hard to do so. 🙂

But DLS is still good, they still give us the chance to play full offline (just in exhibition mode).

But my advice is not to play it continuously, because you get very few coins.

Well folks, that’s all I can share. For those of you who still want to download DLS 2019, please visit the link I provided above.

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