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Tips for Building an Unbeatable Solid Team in DLS

Tips for Building a Solid Dream League Soccer Team – DLS has undergone many changes. What was initially offline is now semi-online. ~ Tips for Building a Solid Dream League Soccer Team – DLS has undergone many changes. From originally being offline, it is now semi-online.

Previously, you could sell players, but now you cannot. Previously, you could search for targeted players, but now that too is no longer possible.

Even players from the German league (like Müller, Neuer, and Kimmich) used to be included, but they have been increasingly phased out.

It is these changes that actually force us to think about strategies to build a solid team without wasting too much time & coins.

Especially since DLS 2019 no longer updates and has been replaced by a new game, namely DLS20 (which is now DLS24).

Because we know, to be able to cheat in DLS, it is now very difficult, so we must prepare strategies so that coins are not wasted on buying unimportant players.

Tips for Building a Solid Dream League Soccer (DLS) Team

Below, I have written several tricks for building a solid team in the game Dream League Soccer that I have been applying for a long time.

1. Don’t Use Training Yet

When you release one of the players in the team, you will not get any money/coins.

Instead, you will receive training to increase the rating (upgrade) of another player in the squad.

Player Coaches
Player Coaches

It’s such a waste when training is just thrown away for players who you won’t keep forever in the squad.

So, from the beginning, you should know which players you want to secure (key players), who will not be released even after buying other players.

Because I’m sure, we all have a favorite squad that won’t be sold to other clubs.

DLS 21-24 Player Ratings Full Database

For example, I have players like Messi, Ronaldo, Oblak, De Bruyne, Pogba, Mbappe, Van Dick, etc., where these players I will not sell ever because they are my favorite players.

Therefore, the most important thing for me to upgrade are those favorite players, not players who are just passing through to temporarily complete the team.

For example: When you have targeted players, but haven’t bought them yet and for the time being you buy average players to fill the gap in the team.

Well, it’s better to accumulate training until all the players in your squad are truly intended to be permanent.

This is what I’ve been doing up to today when creating my third account for the newest DLS24 game.

Currently, I only lack Messi & Ronaldo. Once those two players are bought, then the training I’ve accumulated from the beginning will be used all at once.

Soon, I will make a video just for fun, so you guys can see what it’s like after accumulating about 30 training sessions and using them all at once to upgrade players. 😅

So from these tips, you should not waste training on players who do not deserve it. Better to wait patiently but aim precisely.

2. Upgrade the Stadium

When there is enough money, and targeted players are available, we must choose between upgrading the stadium or buying players, which is very dilemma-inducing.

Which should be prioritized???

Well, this has a significant impact on how quickly a team can develop.

If you choose to buy players instead of upgrading the stadium, then achieving your dream squad will take even longer.

It’s like building a house. First, you improve the foundation. Then you build the walls, roof, and floors.

The same principle applies when building a team in DLS.

Better to postpone buying players and prioritize upgrading the stadium, even though it feels a bit heartbreaking to pass up on a dream player who is right in front of you.

But returning to the principle of investment, the more you set aside for investment, the greater the returns you will achieve.

I have proven it. When upgrading the stadium fully, I only needed 300 matches to build the dream squad (only lacking Ronaldo & Messi).

And I already have enough money to buy them, just waiting for them to appear in the transfer market.

Squad Anton JR
Squad Anton JR

On the contrary, I needed about 600-800 matches to build the dream team when I prioritized players over stadium upgrades.

That is why I ended up creating 3 different DLS accounts, for experimentation and to see the results.

And you have seen the results, now believe it or not, that is up to each individual. 😀

3. Use the Best Formation

When we delay buying players in order to upgrade the stadium, we need a special strategy so that the team can still win even though the squad is still weak.

That’s what I experienced. I only bought 2-3 players until the stadium was fully upgraded to the highest level.

I only bought players that were really needed. At that time, I bought wingers and a striker. The rest, I just relied on free ones, didn’t buy.

And I was not without strategy in doing this, because I never lost at all, I never even conceded goals even though the players were still weak and had moved up to a higher division.

Game Stats
Game Stats

It must be acknowledged that I do apply methods to keep winning in DLS, but how can I score goals just relying on that?

Well, here’s my second secret to keep winning in DLS, which is applying the best formation.

This formation changes over time, I too am surprised that the formation that used to be a staple is now completely useless.

Maybe this is due to DLS often updating, so the same strategy does not always apply.

So, if the article hasn’t been updated yet, I apologize, because I’m not just managing one article. 😥

If you have a good reliable formation, use your own, but if you want more complete results, you can discuss it on online group.

4. Don’t Buy Cheap Players

This has already been discussed above, namely not to buy too many players who are not the main targets.

Especially when you have managed to upgrade the stadium to full, then money comes in faster.

Here you should not need to buy players who are not the main targets, because if released they only yield training (not replaced by money).

Even though this is somewhat contrary to the method to unlock players in Dream League Soccer that I wrote, it’s also worth noting the benefits.

Because you don’t want your money to be spent on buying players that you don’t even expect?

It’s okay to buy 1-3 players as bait to bring out the good ones. But if you buy too many, isn’t that wasteful?

That’s why your purchases of non-targeted players should be limited, so as not to waste time looking for coins again.


It’s complicated, isn’t it? Sometimes after doing this and that, there’s always something.

I get most annoyed when ads at the end of a match don’t appear, but pop up in the middle of the game rudely, ugh.

Although ads at the end of the match can contribute coins up to 2x more, they often don’t appear.

I actually am eager to try new cheat methods, but let’s wait because there’s a lot to be done.

Okay, that’s it for this article about tips on building a solid team in DLS to be unbeatable, hope it’s useful.


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