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Dream League Soccer

Just 3 Steps! How to Cheat Dream League Soccer

Are you looking for a way to cheat on Dream League Soccer without rooting? Want to add unlimited coins and money for free to buy star players?

Are you looking for a way to cheat on Dream League Soccer without rooting? Want to add unlimited coins and money for free to buy star players?

Looking for the easiest tutorial?

Don’t want the hassle?

Perfect, you’ve come to the beloved Raja Tips website.

In this article, the admin will share how to cheat on Dream League Soccer without rooting and without having to download files hundreds – of megabytes.

This method can only be applied to the old version of Dream League Soccer, not DLS 20-24

If you’re looking for DLS newer version, there is no easy way, I recommends you to buy an account from someone instead

This football game has indeed been booming and has many enthusiasts because of its fairly good gameplay compared to other football games.

Dream League Soccer is one type of football game that can be played multiplayer, both with friends at home and online on the internet.

So, we need to know how to cheat DLS (Dream League Soccer) so that money and coins become abundant (unlimited money).

Whether the goal is to create new players (custom), or buy superstar players in the market to make our team stronger.

Now in this article, the admin will help you increase money in dream league soccer in just 3 steps.

How to Cheat Dream League Soccer Without Root

Okay, let’s get started, here’s how to cheat on the dream league soccer game that you can do without having to root.

1. The first step is to download the game data (profile.dat) that has been modified

It’s not a mod apk, just important data. So the size is only about 30 Kb, not even 1 mb.

Okay, to download the data please CHOOSE ONLY ONE of the links below:

A. Only Increasing Coins:

B. Unlimited Coins & 1000+ Matches:

2. Once done, the next step is to copy the downloaded file data to “Internal Storage / Android / Data / com.firsttouchgames.dls3 / files / place the file here

Just overwrite the old file with the new one you downloaded

For more clarity, please see the image below:

cheat koin dls
File Manager

3. Without doing anything else, now try to open the game. And tadaaaaa… Now you can shop for players as you like 😂

If confused, please see the tutorial video below:

What Changes?

cara cheat dream league soccer 2019 tanpa root
Dream League Soccer Game Statistic

By changing files in android data com.firsttouchgames.dls3, there will be several changes that occur in:

1. Game Records

When you input that data file, all game records will change, the game records include:

  • Overall Career, Multiplayer, Events Records: Includes statistics on the number of games played, number of wins, losses, and draws, goals conceded, goals scored, and so on
  • Tournament Best Finish Records: Includes statistics on the best wins in a competition and league
  • Player Records: Includes individual player statistics, such as most appearances, most goals scored, most assists, most goals in a season, most goals in a single match, and so on
  • Team Records: Includes team statistics, such as most points in a division, highest stadium capacity, how many times the stadium has been upgraded, and so on
  • Events Records: Includes statistics on an event, such as how many events participated in, number of wins, number of gold, silver, and bronze medals, and so on

2. Amount of Money

This might be the most important for you. By changing the data file to the one I have provided, the amount of money will change significantly.

3. Team Management

The arrangement of players, strategies, formations, and so on will also change according to the latest data.

4. Team Name

If it’s about the team name, you can simply change it, and you’re done.

5. Stadium Capacity

Similar to the team name, if the stadium’s capacity changes, we can also easily adjust it.

6. Settings

We can also adjust this according to our preferences if it doesn’t suit us.

7. Last Matches

Because the statistics change, the last matches will also change.

Conclusion of Dream League Soccer Cheat

All the things mentioned above will change, so it’s best to back up first if you don’t want all the statistics you’ve obtained to disappear.

These are some disadvantages you may encounter when changing the profile.dat in the application’s data.

If you don’t want to sacrifice all the existing settings, then we need to cheat using a different method (please read the update below the conclusion).

End of Dream League Soccer Cheat

Okay, that’s the article I can share today about how to cheat dream league soccer without root / how to make money plentiful in dream league soccer.

Please download the required files and follow the steps that have been written, if you encounter difficulties and problems, feel free to comment / contact the admin.

At the end of this article, the admin expresses gratitude for visiting this beloved website. Your visit is very valuable to me to continue creating.

Okay, that’s it for now and see you again in another article.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates…

The admin will continue to update this article, so don’t miss out on the information…

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