All elements, whether images, text, code (or whatever it is) on this blog are FULLY NOT ALLOWED to be copied, redistributed or reused.

For images: You can use the site to download images without copyright if you need them and feel free to edit them as you wish.

Don’t use images that I have edited myself, which takes time, energy and mind to complete.

For text : If you are a writer you should be able to create new ideas, not plagiarize because it can harm others and also readers.

Stealing is not justified. If you violate, I can take it to the legal realm. Especially if the violators are corporate and big media.

The reason I do this is none other than for mutual benefit (both you, me and even the readers):

  1. You: You will not eat dirty money and continue to do despicable things that actually ruin yourself (life is not calm, many problems, invite disease, hated by many parties and make yourself miserable). Humans are indeed lowly creatures, but at least there is an effort to be better. I will advance first and foremost to support you, if that is your good goal
  2. Me: I will not be harmed by content theft which makes the blog’s reputation or ranking bad because maybe it’s not popular enough & strong roots. Can continue to work to provide benefits for many people, especially my mother, family and close friends. Because when I wrote this, only blogging was what I did for years to survive and support
  3. Readers: They will not get confusing copy content, because plagiarized content usually only changes a few words/sentences. And they will get more useful content on this blog, because I’m still struggling to present complete content to them. I blog not solely for money, but because at first I was confused when browsing the first page mostly incomplete. If you see my writing, it’s 95% original from me and I do research until it’s really valid. Or at least, less errors (and I will keep trying)

Although the language I convey seems intolerant, but once again I convey this respectfully, empathetically and lovingly.

All information on this website is intended for general and educational purposes only.

There is no guarantee that the information provided is 100% accurate, especially since technology is always evolving and that makes information always fluctuating.

If you try certain tips or tricks provided by this website, the responsibility and risk are entirely yours.

This disclaimer page may change at any time depending on the situation, make sure you monitor it.

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