Privacy Policy cares about the privacy of its users. This policy page contains a general overview of how we collect and use data to improve this site.

By visiting this site, you have agreed to share information related to (but not limited to) the pages you visit, your IP address, browser and time.

You are also deemed to have read, understood and agreed to comply with this privacy policy, as well as any changes that apply in the future.

Data Collection

Here are the data we collect and the purpose and use of the data:

1. Cookies And Web Browser

We collect cookies and web browser information that you use to measure how relevant the ads that appear are and present content that is appropriate.

Third parties such as advertising networks and analytics may also use this information for the purpose of improving services, which they (as third parties) also have their own privacy policies.

If you save comment information such as name and email address, this information will be stored for some time, but no one can see it except your own device.

2. Content From Other Sites

This site may embed content or other elements from different sites and observe your behavior when interacting with that content.

Controlling Your Privacy

You also have the right to disable cookies if you wish. However, this action is not recommended because it risks making various services that you visit irrelevant.

The best option is to disable cookies on certain sites that you deem dangerous. Check the help page on your browser for more information.

Advertising Networks And Fundraising

This site works with several partners to get support and sustainability of the site.

The advertising partners we have at this time are Google Adsense (and some Google Partners), self-advertising and other advertising partners.

We will also do fundraising in the form of donations if needed at any time.

Log File

This site also relies on log files to monitor site performance and whether they are functioning properly. We collect them from the interactions you make on each page you visit.

The information collected includes (but is not limited to) ISP, time, number of clicks, location, IP address, and web browser type.

Privacy Policy Changes

RajaTips reserves the right to revise, change, reduce and add to this policy at any time.

Also read the disclaimer page to understand the policies that you need to understand.

If you have any questions, please contact us through contact.