DLS 2019 Best Formations & Lineups
Dream League Soccer

DLS 2019 Best Formations & Lineups

Do you know the best formation & player arrangement in Dream League Soccer? Don’t underestimate this because it affects the team’s collectivity

RajaTips.com ~ Do you know what the best formation & player lineup is in Dream League Soccer 2019?

Let’s not underestimate this because it affects the team’s collectivity and the effectiveness of the squad in breaking the opponent’s goal.

For the latest DLS version, please see the post on the best DLS formations. However, some tactics in this article are still needed.

Beforehand, let me explain that I have played thousands of matches in Dream League Soccer, so I have tried several player options to be used as the starting eleven.

Since DLS was newly released (I forgot what year, but around 2013-2015), I immediately played it.

Even back then, there was FTS (First Touch Games) which was more complete than DLS.

But I don’t know why FTS was removed after 2018. It was so popular that until now, FTS is still used by developers to be made into mods for PES 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Although it’s not the original PES, but FTS that is modified and transformed into PES. But in terms of gameplay, nothing has changed, still a bit stiff.

Now we don’t need to talk about FTS anymore since it’s been removed. Let’s just focus on the DLS game that still exists.

Currently, DLS isn’t getting any updates anymore, instead, a new game was made with a very different system to prevent people from using cheats.

This new game is the online version of DLS (the latest one), while DLS 2019 is still there, just hidden.

If you want to download the last version of DLS 2019, please download it here.

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Now from my playing experience, what is the best lineup for Dream League Soccer (DLS)? Here’s the complete explanation.

Best Formation & Players for Dream League Soccer (DLS)

There are several factors that affect the ease of a match, namely formation, players, substitutions, and the stadium itself.

It’s good for you to pay attention to everything I write, not just one single point,

It’s proven that I can win 17 – 0 against the Asian All Stars and 15 – 0 against First Touch United and many other victories.

Best Formation & Player Lineup for Dream League Soccer 2019 (1)

Those matches I played were purely manual, no cheating or anything. I just applied tricks to always win in DLS.

Now, what’s the formation, player lineup, and what do we need to pay attention to?

1. Formation

However, the main factor that greatly influences is the formation. We need to know where the main strengths are and maximize them properly.

For example, in DLS, opponents rarely penetrate the defense, so only 3 defenders are needed, not 4.

Then where are the main strengths?

From my experience, the ball often gets intercepted in the midfield, so strengthen the midfield first.

Do this by increasing the number of midfielders and improving their skills first before defenders.

In Dream League Soccer, I always use 3-4-3 Formation and use Attacking strategy (when playing offline) and Defensive (when playing online).

Best DLS 2019 Formation

My reason is, as I said, defenders are useless if there are too many; it’s actually the midfielders who often move around and get tired quickly.

That’s why the number of midfielders deliberately exceeds the number of attackers or defenders.

I even wish there were only 2 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 4 forwards, but unfortunately, there’s no such formation.

Furthermore, the goalkeeper, the most useless position for me is the goalkeeper.

You don’t need a goalkeeper; you won’t concede a goal even without one.

So if your coins are tight, and you’re thinking of buying a goalkeeper, it’s a waste. Better to buy fried rice for me :v.

2. Best Players

Now for the player matter, I think it’s quite influential. There are some players who are unique compared to others.

Although both have a speed of 100, their running is different. For example, Hazard vs. Neymar, Hazard is much faster than Neymar when dribbling.

Also, physical strength has a slight influence, even though the strong ones don’t always win.

Because I’ve experienced it, I used Ibrahimovic for a header against a small and unknown defender.

Then, when Ibrahimovic fell during the duel, it was truly unbelievable for me. But this is deliberately arranged like this so that the opponent also has dignity. 😁

So, who are the star players that I use? Here’s the list:

1. Lionel Messi

Who doesn’t know Lionel Messi, the best player in the real world will surely be good in the game too.

Lionel Messi is the first player I look for as the core of the squad, not only because of his good dribbling, but also his deadly shooting.

Back when DLS was just released, Messi could carry the ball past all players and score, but over time, it became more difficult to do so without passing.

But even so, I have a series of spectacular goals that are very difficult to score with this player.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Don’t ask again, Ronaldo is Lionel Messi’s rival who is an idol for many people. In DLS, Ronaldo is also strong and can duel in the air and on the ground.

Long-range shots can also be done with this player. And what I like the most is during corners, Ronaldo is the player who most often scores after Gerrard Pique.

3. Gerard Pique

For me, Pique is the best defender in the world and in DLS. Although in the real world his performance has decreased, but not in DLS.

Aside from being strong, tall, and big, Pique also often scores goals during corners.

4. Paul Pogba

Pogba also has strong physicality and is suitable for a defensive midfielder.

5. Thiago Alcantara

One of the unique and enjoyable players to use in DLS is Thiago Alcantara. This player is very flexible, good at shooting, good at passing, fast, can defend, and versatile.

6. Angel Di Maria

Just like in the real world, Di Maria has good passes and deadly shots. I have scored several goals from corner kicks using this player.

7. Mesut Ozil

Almost similar to Di Maria, but Ozil is more of a long-range passer. Usually, I place him on the left wing to deliver high balls towards Messi, and the results often lead to success.

8. Raphael Varane

Similar to Pique, but Varane is a type of defender suitable for defending. Unlike Pique, who often scores goals during corners.

9. Philippe Coutinho

In my opinion, his strength lies in curved shots (finesse).

10. Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is one of the fastest and youngest players, suitable for playing on the wing and as a striker.

11. Andres Iniesta (Retired)

Similar to Thiago, but Iniesta has now retired from professional football and moved to the Chinese league.

12. Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is similar to Messi, with good dribbling, speed, and deadly shooting.

13. Ousmane Dembele

This young player is similar to Mbappe, but not quite suitable for the striker position.

14. Jan Oblak

For me, Oblak is the best defensive goalkeeper, both in DLS and in the real world.

15. Virgil Van Dijk

As the best defender in the real world, I am also interested in using him in DLS; my experience with him is good, almost similar to Pique.

16. Miralem Pjanic

His strength lies in long-range passing.

17. Eden Hazard

Hazard is a fast player who is very suitable for the left wing (attacker) and can dribble well.

18. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Although he is declining now, Ibrahimovic is still my second striker when I play Ronaldo on the left side.

19. Gianluigi Buffon

He used to be the best goalkeeper in the world, but now his performance is starting to decline. But don’t be mistaken, his reflexes are still very good.

20. Luka Modric

I’m not too sure, but sometimes Modric is good to use as a midfielder.

21. Frenkie De Jong

This young player with good talent is also someone I try to play in the midfield position, the results are decent. Sometimes his long passes are successful and accurate.

22. Alisson

If earlier was a defensive goalkeeper, now is the best offensive goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

23. Antoine Griezmann

I also don’t know his strengths exactly, but I have scored good goals with this player.

24. Sergio Ramos

For me, Ramos is a type of defender who is suitable for defending. Unlike Pique, who often scores goals during corners.

Although not as tall as Pique or Van Dick, Ramos is an aggressive and fast defender.

25. Sergio Busquets

I once used this player until I sold him again, this player is very similar to Pogba, but his passing is better.

Why did I sell him? Because Barcelona doesn’t have any good players left since I recruited all of them 😁, poor them.

26. Neymar JR

If you ask if he’s good or not, well, he’s good for dribbling. But Neymar is very weak and won’t be good for duels.

27. Thiago Silva

Similar to Ramos, but stronger.

28. Marco Verratti

Similar to Thiago Alcantara.

29. David De Gea

The best offensive goalkeeper next is De Gea.

30. Giorgio Chiellini

This veteran defender is also highly recommended as a replacement for Van Dick.

Actually, there are a few other players like Luis Suarez (Barcelona), but honestly, I don’t like him.

What I wanted to recruit was actually Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), but DLS doesn’t provide his license.

Aside from the players mentioned above, there are usually people who play Adama Traore (because he’s strong and can duel), I also have difficulty when playing online against teams with this player.

3. Player Substitution

Maybe this is very rarely done by you all, but substituting players from the 65th to 80th minute is very necessary to change the game pattern, especially when playing online.

Usually, I substitute 2 midfielders and 1 forward (attacker). Midfielders usually need a new atmosphere.

4. Stadium

Oddly, in DLS the stadium greatly affects the game. If the stadium and weather are good, then the players will find it easier to snatch the ball and move it around.

I’m most annoyed when the stadium is bad and the weather is snowy. Besides being difficult to move, the screen is also hard to see.

My advice, if the stadium is a bit smoky and not clear (like Manchester City’s stadium), then it’s better to use strong players.

5. Player Arrangement & Formation

After explaining the best players and their formation, I will now show you how to arrange and position players according to their positions.

This is just based on my experience, and everyone has different experiences.

So don’t stick too much to this position, you can try other positions, like Messi as a goalkeeper. 😂

A. Starting Squad

best dream league soccer players
First Squad

B. Substitution Squad (Bench)

best dream league soccer formation

There are some positions that I think are irreplaceable, like Messi, Pogba, Thiago, and Pique.

For the others, sometimes I still change, especially the central midfield.

Why No Wing Backs?

Like I said, I only use 3-4-3 Formation, so there are no wing players I mentioned.

If there are, I recommend Jordi Alba for the left wing-back and Ramos for the right wing-back.

Sometimes, I use 4 center-backs as the pillars with the arrangement of Pique and Van Dick as the center-backs, Ramos as the left wing-back, and Thiago Silva as the right wing-back.

Again, that’s just a suggestion and the result of experience. I also haven’t tried all the players available in DLS.

So, maybe there are other players who are better and I haven’t tried them yet because I don’t like them.

Just 3 Steps! How to Cheat Dream League Soccer

Playing Online

When playing online, the atmosphere becomes very different. It all depends on the opponent, whether they’re good or just average.

But from my experience, using big-bodied players for defense has quite an impact. Use small-bodied players as wingers so they can run fast.

Also, when playing online we can’t use the Attacking Formation, but use Defensive so that defenders don’t move forward aimlessly.

It’s also not uncommon to encounter opponents who cheat, the signs are using VIP above the player’s name, if you’ve met an opponent like this then be prepared.


From all the factors above, it all depends on the pilot or the one playing. If you’re good at strategy, you’ll definitely win.

My principle in playing any football game is tiki-taka style, through balls, playing fast, and pressing.

I’ve been doing this since a long time ago and it’s proven effective until now. If you want to imitate it, it might take time and you have to get used to thinking fast.

Also, concentration is also very important.

Alright folks, that’s it for this article about the best formation and player arrangement in Dream League Soccer.

Hopefully, it can inspire all of you and see you again in another article.

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