Top Secret! Trick To Always Win At Dream League Soccer
Dream League Soccer

Top Secret! Trick to Always Win at Dream League Soccer

How can you keep winning at Dream League Soccer? The admin will reveal a secret trick so you never lose when playing this game ~ Do you already know how to always win at Dream League Soccer? If not, this time the admin will reveal a secret trick to never lose when playing the game.

Note: This method still works in the latest version

I have proven this trick for about 9 years. Yes, it’s quite a long time, but I don’t play every day so I’ve only reached 2000 matches without a loss.

Actually, I have multiple account. So in each account there are thousands of different match records.

This trick can also be used so that the enemy never scores at all (0 goals conceded), but I never thought before to not concede any goals at all.

This idea only occurred to me now (even though I’ve known the trick for a long time). Now I feel satisfied because I keep winning so I want to share this tip, hehe.

Don’t worry, we don’t need to bother installing apps, rooting, etc. This just utilizes the save mode in the game.

I first discovered this trick in FTS 15 (before Dream League Soccer existed), and I wonder why this game was removed by First Touch Games, even though it was good and you could choose your team.

Now I won’t discuss that issue further. Let’s get straight to the trick to never lose in Dream League Soccer.

Secret Tips to Always Win at Dream League Soccer

Below are 2 tips (natural and secret tricks), please understand both and apply as needed.

1. Natural Trick

If you have a philosophy of football, you will definitely prioritize strategy over just random passing.

But if not, then you must know this. Here’s the natural trick you can do:

⇒ Play Tiki-Taka

Unlike PC games, it’s very easy to break through defenses in Dream League Soccer, especially if we apply tiki-taka (non-stop passing).

Of course, you must be accustomed to passing before the ball reaches the player. I apply this tip in all football games and always win.

I may idolize Pep Guardiola’s style of quick, short, and penetrating passes.

But clearly, I once defeated a skilled player just with tiki-taka (even though it was my first time playing on a PS3).

All my opponents also felt dizzy facing me because of the relentless passes and breaks forward.

However, to be skilled, we need to practice often. You can’t master it right away because you have to think about where to pass before the ball reaches a player’s feet.

Also, if you’re not used to it, you might even pass the ball to the enemy. To avoid this, we need to pass the ball using the A button (used for shooting).

Wow, crazy man, using the shooting button to pass?

Yes, I always use these three buttons depending on the situation. Usually, I even use the B button for shooting, haha.

Here is an illustration of the tiki-taka play.

Don’t stick to what I’ve marked, feel free to create your own patterns and open up space for players.

Tips-Rahasia-Agar-Menang-Terus-Dream-League-Soccer (1)
Tiki-Taka Example 1
Tiki-Taka Example 2
Tiki-Taka Example 2

These are 2 examples of passing that can create open spaces making it easier to score goals.

But as football is a dynamic game, you can’t replicate exactly what’s shown.

Essentially, to open spaces, pass the ball back before breaking forward again.

And if you apply this method, I’m sure whether playing PES, FIFA, DLS, or any other football game YOU WILL ALWAYS WIN.

⇒ Long Pass / Surprise Pass

The second is a long pass from the back directly forward. Maybe many people do this trick, but it often fails/rarely succeeds.

Whether a long pass is successful depends on the position and which player is making the pass.

Some players are really good at long passes (but first train their distribution to 100%, don’t prioritize anything else).

These players are: De Jong, Arthur, Ozil, Coutinho, and Pjanic (you can try to find others on your own).

Long Pass
Long Pass

2. Secret Trick

Here is the main trick I was talking about. We can use Save Mode in Dream League Soccer to delete saved matches.

So, if you have conceded a goal, you can delete the saved match and start it from the beginning.

Then you have another chance to beat the team without suffering a loss.

Cool, right???

Okay, here are the steps:

  • Open the game and play as usual
  • Exit the game and clear it from the background
Tips-Rahasia-Agar-Menang-Terus-Dream-League-Soccer (5)
Clean Memory
  • Repeat several times until a menu like the one below appears (usually after about 4/5 times).

When exiting the game, don’t wait for the loading to finish; close it right away and keep doing it several times

Tips-Rahasia-Agar-Menang-Terus-Dream-League-Soccer (3)
Save Mode Dream League Soccer
  • As shown in the image above, choose Delete Save Match ⇒ Yes. Then Exit Save Mode ⇒ Yes
  • Voila…. Now you can start the match from the beginning and win it
  • This trick can be done several times, so don’t worry about the game crashing. However, it’s better to turn off the internet connection for quicker success

How to Unlock Players in Dream League Soccer

That’s the tips for always winning at Dream League Soccer without ever losing. I hope this is useful and thank you for visiting.

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