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How to Unlock Players in Dream League Soccer

The arrival of the new version of DLS forces us to start over with the team lineup and everything. How to unlock players in Dream League Soccer ~ The arrival of the new version of DLS forces us to start from scratch again with our team lineup, stadium, and everything else, which never happened during the updates from DLS 2014 to 2019.

For you veteran players, we truly share the same fate, losing the best players in our squad and not being able to use cheats anymore.

It’s probably for the best, as it makes us enjoy the game more and work harder to acquire top-tier players like Messi, Dybala, Salah, and Ronaldo.

However, it is extremely disappointing that we can’t sell old players, thus delaying the purchase of new players until the ones we want are available.

In this post, I will share a tutorial on how to unlock players in Dream League Soccer.

How to Unlock Players in Dream League Soccer

1. Keep Buying Players

First, what you need to know is that the best DLS players (like Messi, Ronaldo, Dybala, etc.) will appear after many changes to your squad.

This means you need to buy several players to upgrade your squad from the default DLS so that your team rating increases.

These legendary players will not appear until you buy lower-rated players, even if you have upgraded your stadium and reached the top division.

The only way is to buy players available in the market, thus raising your team’s rating/status, and automatically, the best players will start to appear.

It’s just like in real life, how could a player like Ronaldo want to move to a smaller club? If he does, there must be another reason like childhood memories.

But in the game? There’s no such reason. 😂

However, I don’t think the first option should be done rashly, as it would be wasteful of the coins we’ve painstakingly collected.

We really have to consider whether the players we intend to buy are useful or not, not just as bait.

We also cannot prioritize buying players; it’s better to fully upgrade the stadium first to get larger post-match bonuses, then buy players.

2. Using Scout and Agent

Second, you can utilize Scouts and Agents if you have enough coins/diamonds, top-tier players can also be unlocked this way.

If you are not familiar with what scouts and agents are in Dream League Soccer, here’s an explanation.

– Scout

Scout DLS
Scout DLS

Scout is about searching for player talent. Depending on its level, Scout in DLS is divided into three types:

  1. Common: 93% chance of finding ordinary players, 5% chance of talented players, and 2% chance of legendary players (above 80).
  2. Rare: 75% chance of finding ordinary players, 20% chance of talented players, and 5% chance of legendary players (above 80).
  3. Legendary: 40% chance of finding ordinary players, 45% chance of talented players, and 15% chance of legendary players (above 80).

By scouting, we find two chosen players and spend coins twice.

First to find the best player according to price/capability/team needs (Scouting), and second to buy that player.

After scouting, of course, we must spend money again to buy the player, so make sure you have enough coins left to do so.

– Agent

Agent DLS
Agent DLS

Unlike scouts, agents allow you to get players directly without having to buy them again.

Agents in DLS are also divided into three types:

  1. Common: Gets 1 chosen ordinary player (rating below 70).
  2. Rare: Gets 1 chosen talented player (rating between 71-79).
  3. Legendary: Gets 1 chosen legendary player (rating above 80).

The downside of using agents is that they are paid with diamonds, which are very hard to get.

So make sure you’ve carefully considered it.

3. Participate in Events

Online Event DLS
Online Event DLS

Third, you can participate in ongoing events, and you will play online against others.

Since it’s online, we don’t know what the opponents will be like. Many opponents already have legendary squads (above 90 all).

So, prepare your strategy, formation, and best players when you want to participate in a specific event in DLS.

There will be missions (objectives), and if you can win matches according to the specified amount, you will receive rewards like coins, diamonds, scouts, and agents (depending on the type of event).

One of the most attractive rewards is the Legendary Agent. If you obtain a Legendary Agent, you will get a player with a rating above 80 for free.

Although I rarely play, I have also won events and received players from Valencia, Parejo (with a rating: 80).

DLS 21-24 Player Ratings Full Database


We can’t simply think about buying the best players first, because it will definitely take a very long time.

The best solution is to upgrade the stadium first, play normally, and build the team gradually.

That’s a snippet of an article I can share about how to unlock players in Dream League Soccer.

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