Midjourney Prompts

42 Pro Midjourney Prompts: Uncover the Secret to Creativity!

Embark on a colorful journey with Midjourney prompts. Crafted keys unlocking your creative potential in a vibrant and ever-evolving world

Welcome to the colorful and ever-evolving world of Midjourney prompts, where your creativity finds new wings.

These prompts are not just random suggestions, they are carefully crafted keys that unlock the vast potential of your imagination.

Whether you’re looking to sketch, paint, or digitally create, Midjourney prompts are the perfect starting point for anyone eager to dive into the world of art.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the ‘Best Midjourney Prompts‘ that have inspired artists around the globe.

Our list is more than just a collection, it’s a journey through various themes and ideas that have sparked incredible creations.

From the most intricate abstract patterns to serene landscapes, our ‘Midjourney Prompts List‘ covers a wide spectrum, ensuring there’s something for every artist.

But how do you make the most of these prompts?

That’s where our ‘Midjourney Prompts Guide‘ comes in.

It’s not just about picking a prompt. It’s about understanding how to let that prompt stir your creativity and guide your artistic process.

We provide tips and insights on how to turn these prompts into stunning artworks that reflect your unique style and vision.

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Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney Prompts

Get ready to explore our handpicked selection of Midjourney prompts.

Each one is a gateway to new ideas, urging you to push the boundaries of your imagination and create something truly extraordinary.

Let’s embark on this creative journey together, one prompt at a time.

1. Simple Minimalist Clock

Midjourney 1
Simple Red , matt alarm-clock minimalism design, cute, matt, on red background, 3d render, 3d rounded edge --s 250 --v 5.2

2. Cute Boy Hiphop Dance With Motion Background Feeling

Midjourney 2
a cute boy kid hiphop dance, Artificial intelligence background feeling

3. Whispering Wood Gateway

Midjourney 3
The Portal to Dreams, ethereal , epic, hyperrealistic, intricate detail, Fantasy environment, finely detailed, fantasy, dynamic lighting, ultra realistic, concept art, octane render, 8k --v 6

4. Mountain Valley in a Mystical Land

Midjourney 4
Vast Landscape, River, Mountains, Volumetric lighting, water, sunrise, trees, waterfall, sunrise, dappled sunshine, style of Albert Bierstadt, Chiaroscuro, Threatening clouds, Lavish, luminism, Yosemite valley, intricate detail, detailed, digital art, concept art, moody, composition, breath of the wild --v 6

5. People Come and Go on the Street

Midjourney 5
[2228810c4] People come and go on the street, in stunning 8K resolution. --chaos 0 --ar 3:4 --style raw --stylize 300 --v 5.2

6. The Seasonal Symphony

Midjourney 6
a tree inhabiting a multitude of species, 8K

7. Lakeside Modernity A Tranquil Forest Retreat

Midjourney 7
bioluminescent cute ghost trapped inside a large jar in the artwork of kooleen

8. Cheerful Cartoon Wolf

Midjourney 8
adult wolf, hungry looking, pixar 3d animation cartoon style, white background, ar 2:3

9. Armed Guardians The Opossum Squadron

Midjourney 9
baby fat pig,holding a gun, cartoon, 3d, apocalyptic background --s 750

10. Sunlit Ruins Reclaimed by Nature

Midjourney 10
the world is full of ruins with stone arches and plants, in the style of vray tracing, sunrays shine upon it, intricate floral arrangements, intricately textured, hurufiyya, nature-inspired imagery, photorealistic representation --ar 13:16 --s 750 --niji 5

11. Man Lost in Thought

Midjourney 11
typical millennial male, full body, feeling success but at the same time feeling empty, confuse and sad, lack of purpose, surrounded by lot of peaople in the city living in automatic mode, side view, realistic, cinemtatic light --v 5.2

12. Luminous Serenity in the Enchantment of a Celestial Child

Midjourney 12
young girl imagining she is growing angels wings --s 250

13. Voyage Through the Cosmic Apex

Midjourney 13
geometric ocean, --ar 2:3 --v niji --s 750

14. The Dark Sovereign’s Resurgence

Midjourney 14
Midjourney 14b
Grimdark cosmic ominous hollow archangel of despair, full body, anime style, flying stance, vorpal sword, high fantasy, digital art, masterpiece painting, ultra detailed, ultra high definition, 8K resolution, 3D shading, superior quality, cover illustration, complex design, luminous highlights, deep rich vibrant colours, hyperrealistic, meticulously hyper detailed,high contrast, artstation --niji 5

15. Epic Tales of Bedtime Adventures

Midjourney 15
realistic photograph of kids in pajamas, but also wearing knight costumes, play fighting on top of a pillow fort --ar 9:16 --v 5.2

16. The Boy’s Enchanted Evening of Miniature Tales

Midjourney 16
Midjourney 16b
5 year old boy child lining up toy cars in nature learning environment, minimalist clothing, photograph, light airy ambiance, sunny day, 8k, --s 200 --v 5.2
5 year old boy child lining up toy cars in waldorf nature learning environment, minimalist clothing, photograph, light airy ambiance, waldorf:: 8k, --s 200 --v 5.2
5 year old boy child smiling lining up toy cars in waldorf nature learning environment, laying on stomach, linen minimalist clothing, photograph, light airy ambiance, muted colors, waldorf:: 8k, --s 200 --v 5.2
5 year old boy child smiling, lining up toy cars:: in waldorf nature learning environment, open outside sitting, linen clothing, photograph, light airy ambiance, muted colors, waldorf:: 8k, --s 200 --v 5.2

17. Nightly Escapades in Veggieville

Midjourney 17
a broccoli stalk and a celery stalk are conversing on a street corner while a sneaky turnip picks the broccoli stalk's wallet from his back pocket, in claymation style, urban setting, nighttime, uhd

18. Symphony of Technology The Digital Evolution of Sound

Midjourney 18
Image: A customer service headset beside a clock, symbolizing instant support, with a digital interface background

19. Emoticon Extravaganza in the Digital Realm

Midjourney 19
Image: Social media icons with positive and negative emojis rising above them, with an AI interface analyzing and sorting the sentiments

20. Dusk at the Suspension Bridge

Midjourney 20
Draw a cute vector-style close-up image of Monteverde Suspension Bridge in Costa Rica, showing lots of tourists and locals roaming around --ar 16:9 --s 250

21. Inferno Pursuit on Asphalt

Midjourney 21
modified sports car on mountain togue in style of initial d manga, drifting, at midnight, smoke coming from rear tires

22. Temporal Shifts over Mystic Shores

Midjourney 22
2d hand drawn classic cartoon style of illustration of https://s.mj.run/dD2kZndzEaE , sunrise, hazy

23. Whimsy in the Woodlands

Midjourney 23
As they traveled through the forest, they saw many strange and wonderful creatures, including a talking bird, a friendly giant, and a mischievous pixie. --s 250 --v 5.2

24. Anomalies at Dusk

Midjourney 24
old disposable photograph of punk monster handing an old man punk a burning molotov cocktail

25. Festive Confections on Porcelain

Midjourney 25
composition of two tasty cupcakes, pastel creams with sprinkles, football elements, pink cupcake liners with white dots, light pink background with grass, photorealistic studio light --s 750

26. Abstract Technological Oceanscape

Midjourney 26
geometric shapes floating underwater in space, 3D, 4K --ar 16:9

27. Tales from the Enchanted Forest

Midjourney 27
dear in the wood autumn photo style

28. Whispers of Autumn

Midjourney 28
[6fd38884c] Some beautiful sceneries are only found in autumn. The photo features an Asian girl. --chaos 0 --ar 9:16 --style raw --v 5.2

29. Twilight Angles and Glass in Modern Architecture

Midjourney 29
Create a villa with architecture inspired by origami folds, showcasing geometric precision and modern aesthetics in a natural setting --v 5.2

30. Visions of a Cybernetic Cityscape Evolution

Midjourney 30
create a high-quality 3d animated image that showcases CPaaS solutions

31. A Modern Gaming Setup with Ambient Lighting

Midjourney 31
Gaming style, Children's Room, Bed, dresser, desk, chair, toys, bookshelves, storage bins for toys, Neon lights, black and metallic colors, and RGB lighting, High-tech equipment, comfortable seating, mood lighting, themed decor, shooting in Diffusion filters, natural light, Sony A7R IV with a Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM, photorealistic, 32k, high definition, --ar 1:1 --v 5.2

32. Vibrant Home Office with LED Lighting and Triple Monitor Setup

Midjourney 32
Midjourney 32
Generate an image to celebrate 'Gamer's Day' of gamer at his gamer's room that has smart led lightning such as color-changing light bars synchronized with sound, a Wi-Fi smart plug, and Wi-Fi LED strips lightning underneath the desk in a gamer's setup, ultrarealistic, 1080 x 1080 pixeles --v 5.2

33. A Soothing and Peaceful Lofi Bedroom

Midjourney 33
lofi cozy room before sleep --v 5.2

34. Silent Sentinel of the Frozen Depths

Midjourney 34
Fallen Angel Zodiac + Colorful Energy FX + Fantasy Character Design Inspired + Hyper-realistic + 4K Cinematic Image Quality + Fine detail + Epic lighting effects + High Action + --ar 9:19 --stylize 750 --v 5

35. Chef Celebrates Flaming Dish in Exciting Kitchen Display

Midjourney 35
The gourmet is tasting all kinds of delicious food in the restaurant, and his expression is satisfied, double exposure photography, artistic magicism, 8K, high detail --v 5.2

36. Neon Glow Soda Bottle in Futuristic Setting

Midjourney 36
futuristic soda graphic, flat, neon colours, high detail, overhead, even lighting, corona render --v 5.2

37. Cybor Cats Drink In Rainy Cyberpunk Theme

Midjourney 37
Midjourney 37b
rainy cyberpunk tabern with cybor cats drinking from glowing glasses --ar 64:35 --v 6
rainy cyberpunk tabern with cyborg cats drinking from glowing glasses . make the cats funny and with a lot of personality . make them with sunglasses and leather jackets --ar 64:35 --v 6.0

38. Stunning Photography Of Ornate Glass Clock

Midjourney 38
Midjourney 38
ornate glass clock, stunning, photography, light refraction, volumetric lighting, ethereal lighting, 8k --ar 4:3 --stylize 250 --v 6

39. Isometric View of Residential & Commercial Zones in Sim City Style

Midjourney 39
isometric view of residential and commercial zones with squared plots + people commuting and interacting with each other + cars and other traffic + train + garbage + emergency vehicles + in the style of Sim City, museum lighting, stunning, vivid, midday sun, GlassBox render, 32k --chaos 40 --ar 6:5 --style raw --stylize 350 --v 6

40. Cinematic View of Heavy Mortar Jumping Off of a Base

Midjourney 40
heavy mortar jumping off of a base with the captured flag and being chased by the other team in the style of Starsiege Tribes + turrets + shields + action, cinematic, dramatic, stunning, atmospheric lighting, unreal engine render, 32k UHD --chaos 30 --ar 16:9 --style raw --stylize 300 --weird 300 --v 6

41. Stunning Scenes From Alice in Wonderland

Midjourney 41
scenes from alice in wonderland, clockpunk, volumetric lighting, absurdity, surreal, huumorous, octane render 4k --stylize 250 --v 6

42. Octane Render of Scenes From Alice in Wonderland

Midjourney 42
scenes from alice in wonderland, clockpunk, volumetric lighting, absurdity, surreal, humorous, octane render 4k --stylize 250 --v 6


If anyone feels that they own this work, and would like a credit or removal request, feel free to contact us.

Please understand that this is a source of inspiration for many people, I myself use it as a combination to create more advanced and unique works.

I hope you also think the same way, which is to provide benefits to many people. Many thanks to creators.


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