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Subscene is Closed, Here Are the Alternatives

The trick to visit does not work. After checking it is not inaccessible, but the subscene site is closed (shutdown) by the owner

I have received reports that the trick to visit does not work. After checking, it’s not that it can’t be accessed, but the Subscene site has been closed (shutdown) by its owner.

Subscene Is Closed is Closed

Upon further investigation, it turned out that Subscene was not blocked, but had indeed been officially closed by its owner.

This news is quite surprising because Subscene has been the main pioneer in providing the most comprehensive subtitle services in the world.

Reddit Post About Subscene Closed
Reddit Post About Subscene Closed

The shutdown has a significant impact on the community of movie and television series enthusiasts who have depended on Subscene for subtitles in various languages. Alternatives

But no need to worry, as they say “When one dies, a thousand rise“. This is true because I once mistakenly accessed a fake Subscene site. 😂

The site is very similar and provides subtitles just like Subscene. Every menu and appearance is exactly the same, making it hard to distinguish.

This means there are still many Subscene alternatives out there that we can use, and here are the secrets the admin will leak to you.


This site might be the number 1 Subscene alternatives in terms of search ease, completeness, and being malware-free.

I have checked on VirusTotal, this site is relatively clean from malware and you don’t need to worry even if you don’t have the best antivirus installed on your PC.

Opensubtitles Virustotal Scan
Opensubtitles Virustotal Scan


This site may be relatively new and not well-known yet.

However, if you are not satisfied or haven’t found what you are looking for on opensubtitles, this site can be another alternative.

When checked using the virustotal scanner, this site has not been detected as safe. But it’s probably because it hasn’t gained enough authority yet.

Like most other websites on Google, if you are not trusted enough, don’t expect to get positive recognition from various engines and filters.

But it’s worth noting that this site has received positive responses from the community, so just wait for this site to grow and be trusted by many people.


The third Subscene alternative is, where you can search for various subtitles as needed.

This site is still relatively free from annoying ads, so you can comfortably search for subtitles.

Like the second alternative, this site is not yet considered safe according to virustotal.

However, if you do not trust such parameters, ignore them because I myself trust more in human ability to differentiate between ads and non-ads. 😃


The fourth alternative might not be as necessary considering there are already 3 replacement sites for Subscene that are more complete and free from ads.

Actually, I do not want to recommend it, but consider it a backup when you really haven’t found what you are looking for.

Its downside is that there are quite disturbing ads, please skip to the fifth alternative if you don’t like it.

5. Search Directly On Google

Equally important (and in my opinion the easiest) is to search for it directly on Google as shown in the following image:

Search Subtitles Directly On Google
Search Directly On Google

This way, we do not need to depend on any site.

Although it’s sad because Subscene has always been the one providing any subtitle we need without hassle and free from annoying ads.

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But there you go, those are the alternatives that I can show you, I hope they are useful and see you in another post.

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