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Adobe Premiere Export Button Covered? Here are 3 Solutions

Adobe Premiere Export Button Covered – When you render/export a video in Premiere Pro, sometimes the button is covered by the taskbar

Adobe Premiere Export Button Covered – It’s quite frustrating when you want to render / export a video in Adobe Premiere Pro, because sometimes the button is covered by the taskbar.

If you’re experiencing this, don’t worry because I have 3 solutions for you.

Since I know you want to export a video, let’s not waste any time. Let’s head straight to the tutorial.

How to Fix the Adobe Premiere Pro Export Button Being Covered

There are 3 solutions you can try, choose the one you find easiest and most convenient:

1. Press the TAB Button Several Times

The first solution is very easy to try. All you need to do is export your project as usual or press Ctrl + M.

Once the export window is open, and you have made the necessary settings, just press the TAB button several times.

TAB Button
Press TAB Button

You will see the selection moving, marked by a blue light on each element/button.

Once the selection reaches the Export button, just press Enter to start exporting the video.

Press Enter To Export
Press Enter To Export

If the taskbar is not transparent yet, please follow the instructions to make the taskbar transparent in Windows because that way you can clearly see the position of the selection when pressing the TAB button

2. Hide the Taskbar

Windows has a feature to hide the taskbar so that the screen appears fully unobstructed.

This feature can be utilized when the Adobe Premiere Pro export button is covered by the taskbar and cannot be pressed.

To hide the taskbar, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an empty space on the Taskbar ⇒ select Taskbar Settings
Taskbar Settings
Go To Taskbar Settings
  • Enable the option Automatically Hide The Taskbar In Desktop Mode
Automatically Hide Taskbar
Turn On Automatically Hide Taskbar
  • And congratulations, now the export / render button can be clicked normally

On some screen sizes, this method might not work. Please try the 3rd method

3. Adjust the Adobe Premiere Pro Export Window

The last and most effective method is to adjust the export window so it can expand fully to fit the screen size.

It’s really easy to do:

  • First, perform the render step as usual (press Ctrl + M) until the export window appears
  • Move your cursor to the top of the export window until you see an up and down arrow ⇒ then double-click
Expand Export Window
Expand Export Window
  • And congratulations, now the rendering process can be carried out normally

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Video Tutorial

If you’re still confused, just watch the following brief video tutorial:

Okay guys, that’s a brief guide on how to work around an Adobe Premiere Pro render button that is covered and unclickable.

Hope it helps, and happy rendering. 🤗

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