GTA 5 Unlimited Money Cheat

GTA 5 Unlimited Money Cheat, Instantly Become Filthy Rich

GTA 5 Unlimited Money Cheat, Guaranteed Instant Wealth – Who doesn’t know GTA V? Even those who don’t like playing games might be familiar ~ GTA 5 Unlimited Money Cheat, Guaranteed Instant Wealth – Who doesn’t know GTA V? Even those who don’t like playing games might be familiar with this veteran game.

With graphics that are so pleasing to the eyes and incredible details, GTA 5 has achieved tremendous success in the global gaming market.

Many are also curious about the continuation of this series, namely GTA VI.

But it’s a pity that the built-in cheats provided by the GTA 5 game are very limited.

This is certainly a bit annoying for some people. Many cheats that gamers need are not provided by Rockstar, one of which is the money cheat in GTA 5.

With the limited cheats available, it makes many people wonder how to get a lot of money in GTA 5?

There are still ways, and the application is not difficult. Curious how?

2 Ways to Cheat GTA 5 Unlimited Money

The method I will use in this tutorial is using cheat engine and cheat trainer.

Wait, can we really use cheat engine?

Yes, we can, it’s even very easy.

And if you use a cheat trainer, it’s even easier. Just select the menu and enter; instantly, the money goes into your bank account, oops, I mean GTA account. Hehe…

1. Using Cheat Engine

For those of you gamers who have played Plants Vs Zombies (one of the legendary games of the past), you must know what cheat engine is and how to use it.

This cheat engine can be used in almost any game and can modify values/numbers in every game.

Latest update on November 17, 2020: Cheat engine is currently not available for free use, please correct me in the comments if they make it free again 😀

The solution is to use method 2, as it is much easier

I even used cheat engine in the game Kingdom Rush; I modified the hero’s very low health (only 300 HP) to 10000 HP so that they wouldn’t die when fighting against many enemies. 😁

Not only that, I also modified the strength and speed of cars in the game Need For Speed to be very fast and unbeatable. 😂

I also used it in the game Age Of Empires to create a large number of soldiers without having to bother finding resources. 😄

So many, right?

That’s why I say cheat engine can be used in almost every game. However, some games hide values/numbers to make them not easily modified.

For example, if we want to change the health to only 1000, finding and changing that number is not easy.

Some also require using a different version of cheat engine for the cheat to be successful.

But when using cheat engine, we have to repeatedly change the number to make sure the one we change is the correct value.

Curious about the trick? Here are the steps to cheat GTA 5 Unlimited Money using cheat engine:

1. Download the latest cheat engine here. Or, just to be safe (if it doesn’t work), download one of its old versions here

2. Install the application as usual

3. Open the GTA V game until it finishes loading

4. After entering the game, minimize the game by pressing the Windows + D or Alt + Tab keys, or use any other method you like

5. Open the cheat engine application that has been installed, without closing the GTA V game

6. Click on Select A Process To Open in the top left corner of the cheat engine

Select Process
Select Process

7. Choose the GTA V game and click Open

Process List
Process List

8. Make sure Scan Type has been changed to Exact Value and Value Type has been changed to 4 Bytes. For more clarity, see the image below

Scan Type dan Extact Value
Scan Type dan Extact Value

9. Once done, return to the GTA V game without closing the cheat engine application. You can use the keyboard combination Alt + Tab to switch between cheat engine and the GTA V game

10. Use the mobile phone in GTA V and go to the internet

11. Select the Money and Services menu and click on the top service, which is LCN (Liberty City National)

Money And Services
Money And Services

12. Click on Markets, and several companies for investment will appear. Choose a company whose stock is declining (indicated by a red arrow) or the cheapest to avoid running out of money before the cheat works 😁. If you’re confused, you can choose Live Invader, Pro Laps, or Air Emu

List Of Investment Companies
List Of Investment Companies

13. Here I chose the top company, but somehow Air Emu came out 😁. But it’s okay; besides, I have a lot of money :v. Now, if you have chosen the company, click Buy to buy stocks

Buy Stock
Buy Stock

14. Here, you will buy stocks that can be cheated so that the money in your GTA V account becomes more abundant

15. Just click the plus sign to buy several stocks and click Buy, then Confirm. But remember, don’t use all your money until it runs out; just buy as needed. Here, I bought a total of 41 investment stocks

Set Total Investment
Set Total Investment

16. Once done, click on the company you bought stocks from and check how many stocks you bought. Since I bought 41 stocks, the displayed text is “Owned 41

Owned Total
Owned Total

17. Now, switch to the cheat engine application without closing the GTA V game. You can do this by pressing Alt + Tab for a faster switch

18. Fill in the Hex box with the number of investments you bought earlier. Since I bought 41 investments, I enter the number 41. Then click First Scan (the process will take a while)

First Scan
First Scan

19. If the scanning process of cheat engine is done, go back to the GTA V game and enter the company you selected earlier

20. Now, if in step number 13 above, we chose Buy to buy, now we click Sell to sell those stocks. Just sell as needed, don’t sell all of them, neither too little nor too much

Sell Investment
Sell Investment

21. In the example above, I have sold 22 stocks, so the remaining number of stocks is 19

Owned 19
Owned 19

22. Remember the number above. Now go back to the cheat engine application without closing the GTA V game

23. Fill in the Hex column with the last number of stocks you have, then click Next Scan

Insert Value
Insert Value

24. After the scanning process is complete, check the List Address on the left side of the cheat engine application. Check if the list of addresses is still many or not; in my case, only 3 remain, which is enough to proceed to the next step

Found 3 Address
Found 3 Address

25. If the list of addresses is still more than 5, then buy more investments and enter the number into cheat engine, then Next Scan until the number of list addresses is below 5 or 7

26. Now, focus on the next step. Double-click on all the List Address that appears as above until another List Address appears below

27. Here, I have 3 List Addresses where we will change the Value / amount to what we want. Next, double-click on the Value column on one of its addresses and change the number to what you want (here, I change it to 2000)

Edit Value
Cheat GTA 5 Uang Tak Terbatas

28. Edit all the Values on each Address to 2000 or any number according to your desire. Remember, only the Values need to be edited; leave the Active Description, Address, and Type as they are

29. If done, don’t close the cheat engine yet; make sure the numbers have really changed. Now, go back to the GTA V game and click on anything until the stock numbers change, or simply close and reopen the phone

30. After that, check how many stocks you have bought :v. And tadaaaaaaaa, now you’ve become rich (but only in the game)

Cheat Uang GTA 5 PC
Cheat Uang GTA 5 PC

Important Note:

To turn stocks into money, simply sell all those stocks and get the cash directly at the nearest Bank, hahaha…

2. Unlimited Money Cheat in GTA V Using ENT

If you find the above method too complicated, you can use ENT (Enhanced Native Trainer) for unlimited money cheat in GTA 5 and become rich with just one click :v

This trainer is already very popular among GTA V gamers because it is very easy to use and, of course, without any hassle.

Curious about the trick?

Here are the steps for the unlimited money cheat in GTA 5 using the enhanced native trainer:

1. First, you need to install Enhanced Native Trainer on your computer. For the installation process, please see how to install Enhanced Native Trainer in GTA V

2. Once installed, run the GTA V game and open the Enhanced Native Trainer. Typically, to open ENT, you use the F4 key

3. In the main menu, choose Players. To select options, usually press numpad 4, 2, 6, and 8, and to apply, press numpad 5

4. Once inside, select Add or Remove Cash and add/reduce as you like. To shift, usually use numpad 6, and to apply, press numpad 5

Cheat Uang GTA 5
Cheat Uang GTA 5

Easy, right?

Indeed, between methods 1 and 2, I find it a bit uneven.

But by mastering both tricks, we have many options if one of those tools has problems.

So, that’s the article on how to get money in GTA 5. Hopefully, it can help; good luck and may you succeed.

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