Usabilities Of WeChat Accounts

10 Usabilities of WeChat Accounts You Must Know

What are the functions and usabilities of WeChat accounts? What can it be used for? Is it really beneficial? To answer that, below I will show you ~ Some of you might be wondering, what are the functions and usabilities of WeChat accounts? What can it be used for? Is it really beneficial?

To answer that, below I will show you 10 things that can be done with WeChat.

What’s with WeChat?

Before discussing the functions of WeChat, let’s delve into it a bit.

Usually, people use WeChat to interact and transact with people in China.

Because in China, applications like WhatsApp are blocked. And as a replacement, they created their own application called WeChat.

As a result, WeChat has become the largest and most popular messaging application in China.

Actually, it’s not just messaging apps; there are many other applications from the United States that are blocked and replaced by their own creations.

Not only in the aspect of applications and software. But also in other sectors such as trade, technology, brands, and so on.

China is indeed known as a self-reliant country that likes to create imitation versions that can even rival the originals (super replicas).

Interestingly, WeChat not only functions as a messaging app like WhatsApp.

With various embedded features, this app becomes more multifunctional.

No wonder if in the payment method sector, WeChat is also the second-largest after Alipay (from Alibaba).

WeChat Account Functions and Uses

It would be too long if I only discussed the background of this app.

Now let’s find out more about the benefits of having a WeChat account.

1. Game Registration

Chinese Games
Chinese Games List

Most people I asked in groups created WeChat accounts to register and play Chinese games.

Game Of Peace (PUBG China) is the most commonly encountered.

Regardless, there are many types of good games from China that not everyone can play (not available internationally).

China imposes strict rules for every service they manage. Even to register on social media, we have to ask for help from friends.

So, to play games from that country, we need a local account (from their country) like WeChat.

2. Accepting Payments

For example, WeChat is already widely used in Bali as a legal payment method.

So, Chinese tourists don’t need to exchange money for rupiah to shop or pay for accommodation.

They can use their own country’s payment method, WeChat Pay, which has been legalized by the some of southeast asian countries.

3. Buying Goods from China

As mentioned earlier, WeChat has become the second-largest payment method in China.

So, items there can be purchased with WeChat Pay (including software).

But for now, there are limitations that prevent international payments.

In the future, I will also provide WeChat payment services (but I can’t promise, many things must be prioritized to be done).

4. Chat, Call & Other Messaging Features

Similar to WhatsApp, WeChat can also be used for messaging, calls, video calls, groups, and various other common functions.

I think this point doesn’t need further explanation; you already understand, right? 😊

5. Watching Videos

One thing almost overlooked by me is that WeChat can also be used to watch videos similar to TikTok.

The content is quite good and satisfying (especially for singles, hahaha).

However, to enjoy this feature, the account must meet certain age requirements.

6. Viewing Popular News in China

Another important use of WeChat is that it can be used as a means to view popular news in China.

There are many unique things to explore from every country, including China, which is one of the largest countries in the world.

Occasionally, we may need to broaden our knowledge to open our minds, triggering creativity.

This feature can be found in the Discover menu ⇒ Top Stories.

7. Chatting with Chinese People

And of course, this was my main reason for creating a WeChat account.

Back then, I got to know a girl from China in a game, and because she was Chinese, she didn’t have social media accounts like I did.

I was a bit surprised; apps like WhatsApp and Instagram were not known to her (and the people there).

So, I gave in and created an account that is popular in her country, and I chose WeChat.

8. Register for Weibo & Other Chinese Accounts

With the WeChat app, we can register for other popular apps in China, such as creating a Weibo account.

Not only that, I’m sure there are many other social media platforms that require WeChat as an intermediary for registration.

9. Help Friends

If the requirements are met, we can help friends who want to register on WeChat.

We can see the requirements when asking for scan help:

WeChat Requirements For Help Scan
WeChat Requirements For Help Scan

But based on my experience, there are other requirements outside of those mentioned.

Even after fulfilling all the listed requirements, I still couldn’t help with the scan. It took me about 4 months before I could help my friend.

It should be shorter if I’m more active on WeChat.

10. WeChat Uses: Others

There are still many other features that I can’t mention one by one. Moreover, with someone’s creativity, an app can be useful beyond its main functions.

WeChat Function
WeChat Features & Services

So, what about you now?

What did you create an account for? Or maybe you haven’t created one at all?

If not, register now, guys, because there are many benefits we can get.

If you need an already established account, please buy a WeChat account directly from the admin because it is guaranteed reliable.

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