Mass Restrictions on WeChat Account Registration

WeChat restricted all users from registering. “Your registration assistance for this month has reached the maximum usage limit”

Surprising news emerged on August 17-18, 2022, as WeChat restricted all users from registering.

All accounts that were supposed to assist in registration scanning received a message stating:

Your registration assistance for this month has reached the maximum usage limit“.

Pendaftaran Maksimum WeChat
Mass Restrictions

Why do I say all accounts?

Because, among the numerous people in the group, numbering more than 1500, not a single person succeeded in scanning.

Everyone who met the requirements faced these restrictions.

Sorry, not all elements are translated to English, you can use Google Lens to translate them

Meaning, this is not a coincidence but a mass policy that affects many people, possibly even an entire worlds.

It’s important to note that not all WeChat accounts can assist in registration (barcode scanning). Many requirements must be fulfilled.

Moreover, it took me 4 months for the account to be eligible for scanning.

Even then, it’s not at one’s discretion, as the number of scans per day is limited to only 1-2 times.

Not to mention the issues of bans and restrictions that sometimes haunt.

That’s why everyone ordering services from Raja Tips will receive tips to keep their accounts secure.

Purpose of This Post

Instead of individually responding to each chat regarding this issue, it’s better to direct the WhatsApp link to this post so that people understand that creating WeChat now is even more difficult! 🤣

Already obstructed by barcodes, suspicious registrations, excessive operations leading to logic errors, and now there’s another problem. 😅

But let it be; China is indeed quite closed. Even services like Google, WhatsApp, Instagram (and all popular applications) are blocked.

Even to use their own-made applications, we have to go through a lot of trouble.

Now, with all these difficulties, you should understand how premium WeChat account is.


Until the beginning of the month, the account still couldn’t be used for scanning, even though usually there’s a user statistics reset at the beginning of the month.

So, it seems there won’t be a scanning service anymore (unless WeChat’s policy changes).

Well, what else can I do? I didn’t make the rules. 😀🙏

So, What Should You Do?

Perhaps recently, I will only provide ready-made accounts. Even then, they are rarely ready due to the difficulty of creating them.

The price is also not like the normal rate.

Update: Out of stock, but available for pre-order. To monitor when WeChat stock is available again, follow this channel.

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