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Sign Up for WeChat Account Without Scanning QR Code

Sign up for WeChat account can be a bit complicated. Usually, you need a friend to scan the QR code for you to register WeChat sucessfully.

Sign up for WeChat account can be a bit complicated. Usually, you need a friend to scan the QR code for you to register WeChat sucessfully.

However, here I will share some tips so you won’t encounter difficulties.

WeChat is a multifunctional messaging application similar to WhatsApp. This app serves as a popular messaging tool and payment method in China.

However, they impose various restrictions and requirements when registering an account.

Without scanning the QR code, the WeChat account registration process cannot proceed.

This can be quite inconvenient, especially since the app is not widely used in countries outside of China.

But what can you do; it turns out this app is very useful, especially if you often interact with people from China.

Because this app is popular in the bamboo curtain country, considering services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, or Instagram are blocked.

How to Register/Sign Up for WeChat Account

Generally, to register and create a WeChat account, follow these steps:

  • Open the WeChat app
  • Click Sign Up with Mobile Number
  • Choose Register via Mobile
  • Fill in your identity information, don’t forget to check the Agree to the Terms of Service after the data is filled
Sign Up WeChat
Fill In Identity

In the Mobile column, make sure you write your phone number without “0” because the number 0 is already represented by the Indonesian country code (+62)

Create a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess, then note it in notes or on paper so you don’t forget (This is important, once you lose your password, sometimes you don’t even have the chance to reset it even if the phone number is still active)

  • Scroll down to the bottom, then check I Have Read And Accepted The Above Terms and click Next
Privacy Policy
Accept Terms
  • Click Start to verify security
Security Check
Security Verification
  • Slide the puzzle to the empty part
Slide Puzzle
Solve The Puzzle
  • After that, you will receive a QR code to be scanned by someone else
Ask Friend To Scan Barcode
Ask Friend To Scan QR Code
  • Ask a friend who already has WeChat to scan the QR code for you

WeChat Scan QR Code to Log In – Reliable Services 100%

UPDATE: Starting from August 17, 2022, new users cannot register for WeChat easily. All those who could scan the QR code (barcode) before are affected, and the admin doesn’t know when this restriction will end.

WeChat Verification
Verification Successful
  • If your friend has scanned it, the Verification code will be sent to each number. Enter the verification code and click Next
Register WeChat Without Scanning QR Code
Register WeChat Without Scanning QR Code
  • And congratulations! Your WeChat account has been successfully created
WeChat Account
WeChat Account

How to Register/Sign Up WeChat Without Scanning QR Code

Due to the complicated registration process like this, it is not uncommon for some to take advantage of it for buying and selling QR code scanning services.

So, if you really don’t have friends using WeChat, usually there are only 3 options:

  1. Ask for someone’s help
  2. Use QR code scanning services
  3. Buy a pre-made WeChat account

But I have found a trick. Where you don’t need to use services or ask for someone’s help.

Because spending money on both options, and secondly, there may not be anyone to help.

It’s better to donate the money to orphans (in my name, hehe), or donate to PayPal to extend the life of this website. 🙂

Now, here are the steps to register on WeChat without scanning QR code:

  • Actually, the process is exactly the same as registering WeChat normally. But during the verification, we need to quickly turn off the internet
  • Click Start to verify security
Security Check
Security Verification
  • This is a very IMPORTANT AND CRUCIAL step. So, make sure not to make any mistakes, because if there is an error, you have to repeat this step several times until successful. And there is no guarantee that your number will not be blacklisted for attempting multiple times
  • Here we have to drag the puzzle to the right position. But at a FAST pace, you must IMMEDIATELY turn off the internet connection BEFORE the request to scan the QR code appears
Slide Puzzle
Solve The Puzzle
  • After that, a warning will appear, click Close
  • Verification SMS will be sent to each number. Enter the verification code and click Next
  • At this step, there are two possibilities: first, you successfully create the account, second, you fail
  • If you fail, now repeat the steps above but this time DO NOT turn off the internet connection
  • If it still doesn’t work, DO NOT CONTINUE!!! Because you will receive a SUSPICIOUS REGISTRATION warning. You must think of another way that could be a solution

10 Usabilities of WeChat Accounts You Must Know


Sometimes this method is fixed by the application developer. That’s not something new because every flaw in the application will be fixed.

As an alternative solution, please join the WeChat Facebook QR code scan group, or the WeChat Telegram QR code scan group.

Update August 26, 2022: Now you can’t register for WeChat at all; I’ve closed the group because it was misused + due to WeChat’s latest policy that restricts users from registering

If someone asks for payment, the admin will immediately ban that person.

That way, you can register a WeChat account without scanning the QR code.

Also, don’t forget to check tips and tricks about WeChat that might be useful for you.

Video Tutorial for WeChat Registration

For those of you who need a video tutorial, I have also made one. Please watch if you encounter difficulties.

Update: The video has been archived; no need to watch

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