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Download DLS 2019 [Offline Version]

Lovers of dream league soccer offline who are confused about how to download dls 2019 because it is not in the right playstore you stop by here

For those of you offline Dream League Soccer lovers who are confused about how to download DLS 2019 because it’s not available on Play Store, it’s very appropriate for you to stop by here.

At the end of 2019, the makers of Dream League Soccer, namely First Touch Games, changed DLS 2019 to a new apk (now known as DLS20, DLS21, DLS22, DLS23, DLS24 and so on).

Initially, DLS 2019 was still available on Play Store and was in the 2nd place when searched, but a few weeks later it was somewhat difficult to find and you needed a link to the game.

I myself really regret why the DLS team created a different version again, instead of updating the old apk.

But I understand as well, because cheaters are everywhere, including admins who spread those cheats. 🤣

And that is detrimental to the game maker…

But I have good intentions, which is to help friends who are having difficulties (in collecting coins, for example).

We know how annoying it is to play a new DLS version. Meanwhile, for users like me who don’t have good quality internet connection, it’s troublesome.

Well, now, maybe there are still one or several people who are interested in playing DLS 2019 instead of newer DLS for some reasons.

If you are one of them, don’t worry anymore because the admin will provide a link to the Play Store version and also my personal file that can be a backup if the one in the Play Store is deleted at any time.

Download DLS 2019

Below, I will provide 2 different links to download DLS offline, where one is the Play Store version and the other is my uploaded personal file.

Choose whichever you want, they are the same.

Below that, I also uploaded a file to change the coins to 9999 and a bonus of 1000 matches played if you need it.

DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
PlatformAndroid, iOS
SizeApproximately 400 MB
LanguageVarious languages, including English, Spanish, French, etc.
UpdatedNovember 20, 2019

Password: antonjr

How to Install

1. Download and extract all the archived files using ZArchiver

2. Install apk files and open it, then accept the permissions

3. Don’t wait anything, just close it after giving permission

4. Copy downloaded Data files into “Internal Storage / Android / Data / place the folder here

5. Copy downloaded OBB files into “Internal Storage / Android / OBB / place the folder here

6. Open and enjoy the game!

For your convenience, I also made a video tutorial.

So there you go, that’s how to download Dream League Soccer offline that the admin can share this time.

Hope it’s helpful and see you again in the next article.

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