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5 Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs, Reaching 600 km/h!!!

Free to download the 5 fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs that I provide below. Of course, it’s free, and the links go directly to Mediafire

You are free to download the 5 fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs that I provide below. Of course, it’s free, and the links go directly to Mediafire.

These 5 MODs below are the best among the rest, and I’ve proven it.

Why choose these mods?

Because we know there are so many mods scattered around, that’s why I made a summary so you don’t have to bother looking for the best ones.

Let me be the one who struggles, not you. Hehehe…

Top 5 Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs

  • Below, I separate the MOD download links so you can choose which one to try.
  • If there are 2 download link options, namely (1) Direct Source and (2) Alternative, just choose the one you like the most.
  • If you want to download from the Direct Source, it means you appreciate the creator.
  • If you download from the Alternative link, it’s faster and less complicated. Feel free to choose, as they also share it for free, but please visit the MOD creator’s Youtube channel.
  • Oh, and the file is not password-protected. Don’t worry, I don’t like complications either. 😂

Now, here are the 5 fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs that I will share:

1. JBHD FR CVT Aldovadewa


The first MOD is included in the HD bus type, its size is also relatively short, and the maximum passengers, if I’m not mistaken, are only 80 people.

Initially, I found out about this MOD from a friend; he used this bus to collect 5 million in a short time with a few tricks.

At first, I was going to summarize those tricks and recommend this bus to you.

But after trying it, it turns out there is another MOD that is better than this bus. So, I postponed the making of the tricks.

This bus has good acceleration; acceleration is the process of how long it takes from zero to high speed.

Even though the bus is fast, if the acceleration is low, it takes a bit of time to reach the maximum speed.

The downside of this bus is that the brakes are too excessive, as if there is no power, and it takes a long time to come to a complete stop.

Talking about speed, this MOD can reach a speed of 227 km/h.

2. SCANIA K360 IB JB3 SHD By Farid Madyawan


The second MOD, in my opinion, is the most suitable to recommend because it has various advantages.

Although initially, I had a bit of trouble determining the name of this bus and finding its livery, I finally found it.

But what’s strange is that this MOD is more suitable for Mercedes Mercy livery, even though it’s supposed to be Scania K360 IB.

But what’s clear, this MOD is a remake (redesigned) of the previous MOD, only the engine is changed to make its speed higher.

When tested, it initially seemed like a regular MOD, but after enjoying it, it turned out that this MOD is more special than the others.

According to its bus type, SHD, this bus can carry more passengers than the first bus.

Moreover, the stability level of this MOD is also commendable.

Even without an update, it still feels good, let alone after an update.

3. SR2 XHD ECE R66 Racing Rim (Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD No 2)

Fastest Bussid MOD No 2

In the real world, XHD buses are synonymous with slim designs and are often the preferred choice when speed is the reference.

Similarly, in the game, SR2 XHD ECE R66 is the 2nd fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia bus MOD (across all categories) and the fastest in the bus-only category.

This MOD can reach speeds of 600 km/h and even more if the route is long, straight, and obstacle-free.

Unfortunately, at the highest speed, this MOD tends to float as if it has no weight or mass.

The MOD creator should have considered the bus’s weight more carefully if they wanted to provide high speed.

That’s why I say Mr. Farid’s bus (No. 2) is the best because it’s so enjoyable to use.

Nevertheless, SR2 XHD ECE R66 Racing Rim also has many advantages, so I don’t want to criticize it too much.

Everything has its pros and cons; it just depends on our needs.

4. Bugatti Chiron (Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD No 1)

Bugatti Chiron Fastest Bussid MOD No 1
Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD No 1

Bugatti Chiron is the fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD across all categories for now, as I haven’t found another mod that can compete with it.

Although it’s small in size, the MOD creator still gave it sufficient weight so that it doesn’t go crazy when colliding with other vehicles.

This MOD has almost everything—good acceleration, high speed, cool animations, and it’s quite maneuverable.

Unfortunately, the maximum passengers are only 20 people. Certainly not suitable for hauling.

My suggestion is to use this MOD only for joyriding and casual play.

5. Mio Drag 200 CC

Mio Drag 200 CC
Mio Drag 200 CC MOD

Perhaps, this MOD is the worst among the others. But I don’t want to dismiss it because it still has a high speed.

This Mio Drag 200 CC MOD is equipped with 3 unique animations and has good acceleration.

Unfortunately, when using this motorcycle, it often turns on its own and falls.

Once it falls, it’s hard to turn it back around (unless you’re lucky).

Even at low speeds, it’s still challenging to control. I don’t dare to go faster than 30 km/h. 😂

Video: Top 5 Fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs

Each of them surely has its own strengths and weaknesses; that’s why I also made a video so you won’t make the wrong choice.

Here is the preview video and complete explanation of the above 5 MODs.

This video below is in Indonesian language, please use transcript if your language are different from mine

Later, the fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia mod that I provide here will be one of the supporting elements for the trick to quickly earn money in Bussid.

The trick is still being developed. Once it’s ready, I will publish it on the Raja Tips blog and also Anton JR’s Youtube channel.

So, subscribe to Anton JR’s channel or visit this blog every Saturday afternoon or Sunday night so you won’t miss any information. 😁

Thanks to : MOD & Livery Creators

We express our gratitude to the MOD and livery creators whose work I uploaded in this article.

  • Farid Madyawan (Creator of SCANIA K360 IB JB3 SHD MOD)
  • Aldova Dewa (Creator of JBHD FR CVT MOD)
  • Azu Mods (Creator of Bugatti Chiron, Mio Drag 200 CC MODs & Bugatti Liveries)
  • Blahbloh (Creator of SCANIA K360 IB JB3 SHD Liveries)
  • Gronk Aja (Creator of SCANIA K360 IB JB3 SHD Liveries)
  • If your work is here and hasn’t been mentioned, please contact me through contact, and I will include your Youtube channel. Thank you.

That’s all for the article about downloading the fastest Bus Simulator Indonesia MODs this time.

Don’t forget to check out other posts about Bus Simulator Indonesia.

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