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Bus Simulator Indonesia

Easy!!! Cheat Bus Simulator Indonesia [Unlimited Money]

In my video titled how to cheat Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) unlimited money, many still DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO TITLE AND DESC

I am amazed, in my video titled how to cheat Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) unlimited money, many still DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION.

Although I clearly stated that it is no longer possible, many are still searching for the application elsewhere.

Indeed, there is a way, that’s why in the rankings, some can reach 999999999 and even more.

But now the system is very strong, and they make it difficult by manipulating the displayed numbers in the game.

So, for example, in the game, it shows 125,000, but in the Android system, it may not be that much; it could even be negative, given special codes or even reduced by 1000 (124,000).

Basically, it can be any amount, and we don’t know yet (because it often changes).

Now, this is our obstacle, especially for those who do not understand android development and script.

Finally, now many are deceived by existing tutorials, including in my video where people still try it, even though I have provided information.

I dare say, 99% of unlimited money cheat tutorials for bussid on the internet are all fake (or maybe no longer working).

Then where is the 1%?

The 1% becomes a secret recipe, hehehe.

But instead of being deceived by unclear people, tirelessly searching for tutorials everywhere with no effect, I will explain some tricks that can replace the BUSSID cheat method.

Is There a Cheat for Unlimited Money in Bus Simulator Indonesia?

The short answer is NO, please CLOSE THIS ARTICLE if you DO NOT WANT TO WASTE TIME. 😊

The long answer is YES, but it requires high skills and multiple attempts, or a little capital (money).

I have 3 methods that might help.

  • Method 1 : Requires a super smooth PC that doesn’t lag at all (not even for a millisecond)
  • Method 2 : Requires learning and multiple attempts
  • Method 3 : Already done and works, but it seems not to be spread widely, instead, I will provide a cheap and reliable bussid top-up service later

For methods 1&2, until now I haven’t tried because of this slow laptop, even though I promised more than 1 year ago. 😂

If those tricks can succeed, I can share free bussid accounts to selected people gradually in the BUSSID Telegram group.

However, once again, I have not found a solution to this day. And perhaps after finding it, it will be fixed again by bussid.

So don’t expect much, I don’t like being waited for all the time, hehe.

But of course, you DO NOT WANT TO VISIT THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT GETTING BENEFITS, so I offer an alternative solution.

Alternative Solution for Cheating in Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

Now the question is:

What’s the alternative solution, I’m tired of pulling all the time, sleepy“. 😪😴

Here are tips that you can use as an alternative to unlimited money cheat for Bus Simulator Indonesia.

#1 Use Specific Routes

Choose Departure City
Choose Route

I have created the best routes for Bus Simulator Indonesia in a video, please see it here :

This video below is in Indonesian language, please use transcript if your language are different from mine

#2 Use Fast Bus MOD

Choosing specific routes alone is not enough. We also have to choose the best bus to be used as a passenger carrier.

Yesterday I got a fast and comfortable bus bussid MOD for ngeblong.

The bus has many passenger seats because it is SHD (Super High Deck), and the speed can reach 450km/h.

Although the speed can be that high, the bus doesn’t soar.

On average, a fast bus, when taken driving, is like dry leaves (likes to sway) and is difficult to brake.

But this mod also has a firm brake because it seems that all the wheels are working, and the bus is given high mass & weight.

A very thoughtful calculation for the MOD maker, namely Farid Madyawan, we should appreciate it.

The BUS name is SCANIA K360 IB JB3 SHD. To download this special MOD, please visit the link download the fastest BUSSID MOD (download number 3).

#3 Complete Achievements First

Achievement Rewards

It’s better to focus on completing achievements first rather than wasting money at the beginning on unclear things.

Just like the principle of saving, we will feel its benefits in the future.

It’s the same in the bussid game, where one of the missions is to save money to a certain amount, and we will get the reward.

But if the mission is to buy a strobe, don’t hesitate to spend it because after the mission is accomplished, we can get double the money.

Isn’t it a loss?

So, try to focus on achievements first before buying buses or modifying them.

Moreover, we can still use MOD vehicles that are even cooler than the original bussid bus.

#4 Utilize Side Jobs Every Time

Cara Nyeper Bussid
Side Jobs

Side jobs (nyeper) can also be a decent way to supplement our income, friends.

Utilize side jobs over time, perhaps around every 1-2 hours.

However, this schedule may vary, so please check for yourself when these side jobs are available.

But this cannot be relied upon at all times; I recommend you to explore other methods.

#5 Use Unlimited Fuel MOD

This MOD is not for cheating money in Bus Simulator Indonesia but only functions to ensure the fuel never runs out.

So, you don’t need to refuel forever.

Well, it’s quite good, you can save time. Instead of refueling at Pertamina, it’s better to pull.

But this is optional guys, if you choose a short route that doesn’t need to refuel, you don’t need to use this MOD.

For the installation process, follow these steps:

  • Connect your bussid account to FB first (if not already done), to avoid losing your account
  • Uninstall/delete the original bussid game
  • Open the downloaded file using ZArchiver
  • Install the .apk file
  • Copy the OBB folder to Internal / Android / OBB (place it here)
  • Turn on the internet and open the game
  • Login to your Facebook account

#6 BUSSID Money Top Up

If you feel tired of searching everywhere without success and are willing to spend money to get what you want (a lot of money in BUSSID), then the last resort I can suggest is to top up.

Not just anyone can top up because BUSSID itself doesn’t provide it.

Only certain individuals who understand scripts, android development, and even networks can do it.

It’s not enough; the person must also understand the mechanism or code of the BUSSID game itself.

Instead of being complicated, especially if you don’t know anything about scripts, you can entrust the BUSSID money top-up to me and be willing to pay for it.

Just leave it all to the expert. 😀


Conclusion of Unlimited Money Cheat for Bus Simulator Indonesia

That’s all about how to increase money in Bus Simulator Indonesia. Hopefully, you can get some benefits.

If there are many shortcomings, I apologize sincerely. 🙏

Also, see interesting topics about Bus Simulator Indonesia, that’s all, and see you again on another occasion.

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