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How to Easily Be an Instagram Top Comment (Free)

Discover the easiest way to be the top commenter on Instagram for free. Elevate your engagement with Instagram top comment strategies.

Do you know how to become the top commenter on a large Instagram account with many followers and comments, making your comments stand out?

Why am I asking this?

Well, you are probably looking for the tricks :v.

But I’m sure some of you already know this; you just need the latest information.

Because the trick to becoming the top commenter on Instagram accounts can sometimes expire, either because Instagram blocks it or the website violates rules (technical issues).

So, we need to keep updating with the latest tricks, that’s it.

For those who don’t understand, becoming the top commenter requires a bot to get many likes on our comments, thus pushing our comment to the top.

To get such a bot, we can use a specific website that provides such services.

And, of course, it’s free, bro. I know you love freebies. 😂

Things to Note

Before we get into how to do it, please note the following points. Don’t just be curious; you might end up losing your account to theft.

1. Use a Fake / New Account

I am not responsible if you use your main account as an experiment, so it’s recommended to use a fake or new account.

We know that such websites are not created without reason. Even though it’s free, there’s a purpose behind it.

So if you come across a website that provides bots, their purpose if not to collect information about your login details (for sale), it is to sell services related to Instagram.

Like top comment services, selling accounts with many followers, and so on

In the end, it’s all about money, marketing.

But we shouldn’t have a negative mindset all the time, guys. Otherwise, our lives might not progress and flourish, and we won’t have a positive aura. 😁

2. Keep Info Updated

The information I mean is twofold: information about the bot provider website and your login information.

Firstly, websites like these often face takedown, rendering them inactive. And when you want to use such a service, you have to update to the still active and latest website.

But don’t worry, the admin will help update the latest information on this blog. So just keep an eye on the Raja Tips website.

If I haven’t updated yet, just leave a comment so the admin can more easily monitor the article.

Secondly, such websites often have malicious intentions, such as taking over the accounts you own.

If the account you use is fake or new, and you don’t care if it’s taken over, then just ignore it.

But for me, even though it’s a fake account, I still monitor it if there’s any suspicious activity.

Especially checking the incoming emails (it can be an experiment, gaining knowledge).

And as much as possible, the email used to create the fake Instagram account should not be the main email account; create a new email or use an unimportant email.

How to Be an Instagram Top Comment

Now let’s get to the core of how to do it, but for now, the website I mentioned for giving likes to our comments is not very efficient (limited to 125 likes).

For the time being, use what’s available.

Later, I will add another website that is more powerful and instantly makes you the top commenter without being defeated at all :v.

  • First, visit the igtools website (the website is closed; please check its replacement below)
  • If the website language is still Russian or Turkish, click the Chinese symbol (language symbol) at the top bar and select the English flag
  • Select the Comment Likes menu
  • Click Login With Instagram (use a fake or new account)
how to become top commenter on Instagram (1)
Login With Instagram
  • If a captcha appears, just click I’m Not Robot
top comment instagram
Top Comment Instagram
  • Fill in your Instagram account username and password (make sure the username is entered in all lowercase letters). Once done, click Sign In
how to become top comment instagram (3)
Sign In
  • Next, scroll down and find the Send Comments Likes menu, then click Go
how to top comment ig
How to Top Comment IG
  • Open the Instagram app and comment as usual on the post you want
  • After commenting, click the three dots on that Instagram post and select Copy Link
Copy The Posting Link
Copy The Posting Link
  • Go back to the website and paste the copied link, then click List Comments
how to become top comment ig
How to Become Top Comment IG
  • Find your comment and click on it (make sure the comment hasn’t been posted for too long, it’s still new)
Select Comment
Select Comment
  • Write the number of likes to be sent, then click Submit
how to become top comment instagram (9)
Top Comment IG
  • And there you go, likes instantly land quickly according to the inputted number
top comment ig
Top Comment IG

Additional Information

As I mentioned earlier, this website is not powerful enough to make comments appear at the top.

But at least 125 likes can make your comment appear at the top on accounts with not too many followers.

If you insist on becoming the top commenter on a large account, (for example) Cristiano Ronaldo, you can wait for the latest updates which will, God willing, be continued in this post.

And I also have a friend who knows how to create special accounts like @haqnii (which went viral at the time), where you can become the top commenter on accounts as big as @433.

So, for the time being, that’s what we can use.

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Or let me give you one more trick. When you comment, add “Naraciaga” or “(Naraciaga)” at the end of the word, and without quotation marks, folks.

I’m sure those who don’t read until the end won’t know the trick I slipped in at the end of this article, hehe (consider it a bonus for those who read the article to the end). 😊

Update on Top Comment Instagram Tricks

Apparently, the above-mentioned website is currently inactive, but I found some alternative websites that you can try to become the top commenter on Instagram:

Closing Words

Well, folks, that’s the post on how to become the top commenter on Instagram easily and for free according to Raja Tips.

Stay updated, don’t miss the latest information and the continuation of the tricks. 😊

Hope it’s helpful, and see you again in the next post.

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